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Smile NEW Couple in TN Seeking V... :)

Hi there Polyamory,com Members!

My name is 'Leo' and my girlfriend, JennaMarie, and I are ready to experiment with poly for the first time. I use the word 'experiment' because, as you will soon learn, I tend to be an analytical and logical person (most of the time... hehe) experiencing the world around me, and I look at this lifestyle change as an experiment. I try to balance the logical parts of my personality by being flirtatiously sarcastic, a trait JennaMarie shares with me.

Anyway, I digress... We are here at to learn more about the poly lifestyle and HOPEFULLY meet an eligible single female that is interested in a sexual V with me and an emotional/spiritual V with my girlfriend and I. Preferably this someone lives in or near the Nashville, TN area.

We are currently living in Antioch, TN (just southeast of the downtown Nashville area) and aside from our full time jobs, mine as an IT Support Analyst (glorified name for a computer help desk) and hers as an administrative assistant for a property management company, we enjoy video gaming (Star Wars: The Old Republic), watching movies (mostly sci-fi, action, fantasy, with some romantic comedies in there for flavor), reading (her), singing (me - yes, I'm in a band), eating out/going out occasionally, drinking (socially - rarely), walking, etc.

We're interested in learning more about the dynamics of poly relationships and we'd love to meet other people that are willing to share their experiences with us, hence... our registration to this site.

So, Hello Everyone! <waves>
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