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Hi and welcome.

How long have been in this new dynamic. How much reading and research have you both done prior to opening things up.?

Envious of what not having another partner or what she sharing with the other guy and not you.?

Good luck...D
She and he have been communicating on line for a while. They met a few weeks ago, but she stayed overnight with him for the first time last week.

Reading and research? None. We're both grown-ups; we talked a lot.

I had a really rough couple of days and cried a lot when I realised theory and practice were a little different from one another. What had seemed so simple and rational in fact released great and uncontrollable emotions in me. It was surprising.

My feelings for a few days were stronger than my optimism.

We talked some more and rewrote some ground rules. More double checking and clarity was required. I rearranged the furniture in my head and we seem to be okay for the moment.

The envy is purely and simply that I recognise, and have very nostalgic memories of, the depth of new love feeling. I'd dearly love to know them again. I'm happy that she's feeling them. I love it that she is so happy. I just regret that I am unlikely ever to feel them again. That's what I mean by envious.
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