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Sweetcrusader I think you make a great point when you said "The main thing that I needed to understand was that he wasn't lying to get away from me (which is what my ex did) but lying because he wanted to be with me and was afraid of what it may mean." I think the root of the lying makes all the difference. One of the reasons I HAVE stayed with my boyfriend over all this time and BS is because I truly do believe that he is a good person. I know he wants whats best for us, he just has no idea how to convey those messages AND if there is ever a problem, he just has learned to lie about it rather than confront. That is a constant struggle with us. Its a very hard process to break someone of lying. There are constant "what if's" and questions whether I should push harder on topics or not.

Men can be very interesting creatures. & while I do believe a lot of people do hate confrontation and what it might entail, I think its such an important piece of a relationship. It can bring everything into the open and really ease wounded hearts and answer questions otherwise left to fester. hang in there.
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