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Default Polys opinions about monos exploring poly appreciated

Would like your opinions on something that has been bothering me. I let a crush know that I liked her and she responded that she needed someone who was heavily into kink (s&m), and knew I would not be able to provide that. We didn't even discuss that I am interested in poly. (When we first met, I'd apparently given her the impression that I was mono and vanilla). Having been exposed to her poly world (for the last year), I feel like exploring both worlds.

Recently she commented that her OSO's girlfriend was in over her head, since she was vanilla and not kinky. That the relationship will probably not last.

Still feeling a little slighted, I am wondering, do most poly folks feel the same about someone like me? That we can't change? Have you always felt "poly", even when you didn't have the word for it? Thanks.
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