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Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post

It's not necessary to acknowledge her as a romantic partner when she's around the kids, or to be physically affectionate. You've told them, they know, to them it's just as if you're grabbing your wife's chest in front of them, they don't want to know, they don't care to know, they really want you to just shut up about your love life because it's repellent because you're their parents. Doesn't mean you have to stop being poly, but I sure remember hating being aware of my parent's cheating & swinging. Was NOT my business or something I needed to know. I was glad to know people were my parent's friends - what happened behind closed doors was not my business.

Kids do not want to know about their parents' sex lives in any way, shape, or form.

My mother decided to tell me (in the briefest possible manner) about the conception of my two youngest siblings. I was incredibly turned off by that, and 25 years later still wish she had just kept it to herself and talked to her friends.
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