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Default Hello.


I don't plan on doing much posting for a bit. Too much to read and learn before I start stating the obvious and putting my foot in it. But, I know me, I will chip in before too long. So this is me, and where I am at.

I'm 52, male, monogamously married 10 years, three kids. I'm the stay at home parent looking after the family, cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, being taken for granted - all the usual mum stuff. I'm a male mum.

We live in a rural community - the sort of place the news reporters call 'close knit' when something unspeakable happens there. I'm not a gregarious person, most of my friends have been made through my wife. She has fallen in love/lust/need/whatever with another man who lives 30 miles away.

I'm not jealous. I'm envious but not jealous. She knows this. She would kill me if things were reversed. That's a bit unfair and she knows that too. But that's her monkey, not mine. Not that I am planning (or desiring) to be with anyone else.

That's it. (For the moment.)

Apart from the why am I here? bit.

Initially I'm here to learn. A lot of you guys have been down the road I'm standing on before and I want to find the paths you have blazed and the dead ends you have marked for fellow travellers.

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