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Originally Posted by allblackrum View Post
Iím a 46yr old Black man married to a 43yr old white woman and have been with my wife from 1986 and married to her for 18 yrs. We have tried swinging and also have been with other people on our own I have felt guilt and also that something is wrong and also at the same time fell this is how I am so it canít be all wrong. But just the same I have fallen in love with another woman and at the same time not fallen out of love with my wife; they are kind of the same but in some way just so different as night and day.
So did your wife know about this other woman and agree to you having a relationship with her before the relationship really started?

Originally Posted by allblackrum View Post
now they have both have told me itís a monogamist relationship or nothing else.
Is this because the "love triangle isn't working because you haven't worked out the details properly, or is this them telling you that polyamory isn't for them, and they are insisting on having 100% of you?

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