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Eclectic pagan here (solitary polytheist, not a magick practicioner) who is moving more toward traditional Hellenic reconstructionist (classical Greek religion) over time.

I have had the experience that I *mostly* seemed to meet polies in my social circles. Not any one group, but a loose association of people largely affiliated based upon being geeky/fannish/creative and a high number happened to be pagan.

Interestingly enough though, the pagan community is not one huge monolith. I knew some Feri Tradition practicioners and there seemed to be a lot of polies there, but the Hellenic reconstructionists I know are actually a much more socially conservative bunch (we don't tend to consider ourselves pagan on the whole, but a traditional reconstructed religion like Asatru, but that said, still kind of under the pagan umbrella so I'm going with it). The Hellenists don't seem to openly disapprove of polyamory, they just don't tend to practice it quite as much. The very few polies seem to be bi women. There are a lot of gay men. Like everywhere else I go, though, I'm the only lesbian.

My experience with Wiccans has been that traditional Wicca tends to be based a bit around couples (it's even in the religion, you're WORSHIPING a couple).

One of the reasons I'm solitary is that I've seen so much drama in groups over couples and jealousy and breakups.

I co-practiced Buddhism for many years and *that* was fascinating; it really seemed like the average westerner in any group I was in, was extremely tied into knots about relationships and sexuality, and over thought things so badly that they seldom could even go on dates. The "I need to think about if I should date you and what everything means" trap that I see single monogamists do, that polies don't seem to get into quite as much.

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