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Originally Posted by SunsetMan View Post
Any advice on how to proceed? My instincts (for all the good they've done me in the past) tell me to just go in with no agenda, let it flow organically and to stay. cool. I may find out that he's not willing to engage in poly with her if he knows I'm gonna be hurt by it and that might be the end of it.
You've given the advice to yourself already! Let it flow is right, don't make any snap judgements, but be honest.

Originally Posted by SunsetMan View Post
As it stands right now, I will be hurt by even so much as a kiss. She knows that and I think he needs to know that, too. I am definitely OPEN to changing how I Feel about it but I don't know how to do that. I saw a great post here that talked about examining what i'm afraid of and dragging it into the light and taking a good long look at it.
That's exactly how anything can actively be changed, by you peeling feelings back layer by layer and discovering the cause for said feelings. And deciding what you could do about said cause.

Honestly you're on the right track IMO. I'm glad I read through the thread first before responding because the OP had me really worried for where this was headed.
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