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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Lotus - for some of us it is part of our identity, just as much as being gay, straight, or bi. And it is just as painful to force onself to behave differently. Just because it isn't that way for you, doesn't mean you have all the answers either.
I never said I had all the answers. Being polyamorous is just another label for my practice of getting romantically involved with more than one person. Basing our happiness on the feelings of other people, and the number of people around us, is a dangerous practice. You can't control other people's feelings.

How does not telling people their beliefs are wrong and dumb mean you behave differently? If I'm talking to my friends and I mention going on a date with Mr. and Mrs. Nice, and they say, "Jeez, you're weird," I'm not going to burst into tears. (Everyone would constantly be in tears if this was the case, where I live.)

He's upset because she dared to disagree with him. At no point did she say she never wanted to talk to him, or that he was the devil's spawn. Aren't mono viewpoints just as valid as poly? Does he want her to be poly?

Growing up queer is a lot different from being poly. I can choose how many people I sleep with or am involved with at any time. I can't choose who I'm attracted to.
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