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Originally Posted by PinkDragon View Post
you got your "facts" wrong. While, yes, many cultures did practice a type of polyamory there were others that practiced enforced monogamy. The Roman Empire for example.
Speaking of wrong, there's no hard evidence that any cultures practiced polyamory. Lots of polygamy yes, but any non-patriarchal model resembling polyamory would have been pre-history so there's no record.

Thank you very much for sharing these transcripts. It's awesome to see some real conversations without edits or's about as real and honest a window into life as poly as it gets on a medium like this forum. So thanks for bringing it here.

One of the best pieces of advice I got when starting down the poly road was that you need to tell someone. There needs to be a friend, confidant or something who knows you're poly, who you can talk to about the struggles and share the victories. It's possible to live in the closet, but someone needs to know, whether they themselves are poly or not. We are social animals after all, and we need that support network.

One risk of talking about coming out to people is that sometimes they disappoint, and aren't actually inclined to be supportive, as happened S. It doesn't mean you shouldn't still find someone who IS supportive. It may be a little tricky considering you seem to be caught between two very conservative parts of the country between where you are, and where I expect most of your friends are from. You may want to consider in the future having theoretical conversations about the concept of non-monogamy, polyamory, and various other forms on a purely hypothetical or philosophical level with friends you might consider good candidates before you take that last leap about identifying yourself to them. It's a way to mitigate the risk and better gauge if they have hard over conservative or traditional views such as S before jumping.

(As for being's not like they weren't being so either. If that's how you and your friends interact, no harm no foul.)
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