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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Tuppence a little late in the thread, but... I couldn't do a cuddle party because I'd walk away wondering what fresh microbe I'd just picked up. I'm a tidge envious of people who can catch colds/flus and not flinch; I'm useless for a week to ten days, and likely to be in intense pain during the height of the illness. (Fibro, you SUCK.) So my crappy immune system counts me out. I'd say that's a reasonable hard limit to have.

Otherwise, my main objection is that one man's cuddle is another man's surreptitious grope. If I feel it's inevitable that someone's just getting his jollies, and I'm also squicked by random hard-ons, I should probably not be paying to insert myself into that situation. Especially as I'm broke. I'd rather go to a club, where at least I can dance and have a drink if I like. Same risks to my health! More obvious expectations. Hard-ons are okay if I'm dancing with him, you know? But not if it's just a puppy pile, which, ew, infantilizing much? And crossing kiddie pursuits with adult ones is not what we need as a community. God, the slippery-slope nuts would have a field day.
I really don't understand where the paedophilia comes into this at all... I'm similarly bothered by other people and their dirtiness though. Even though, rather oddly, I'd be plenty fine with my own lovely coming down with the flu, and still want to cuddle with her. ^_^ The touching up with people I don't know is my main problem. I feel awkward just talking to some strangers. others just seem to make me feel comfortable right away with some kind of voodoo magic... XD Like I met my current partner at a gig, where I was avoising contact with most people. But she came up to me and asked to plait my hair. and for some reason, I was ok with that.
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