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Default Lin's birthday

Feeling so happy right now that I got the urge to write about it, and as I am here some more minutes till I can get active, I decided to get things on (virtual) paper right away.

It is Lin's birthday today. He is a soccer fan and right now the European championship is taking place. Yesterday evening we watched the game (Germany - Portugal) together on our couch, all three of us. I had thought about an evening just for Lin and me but it felt better that way, as Sward wanted to celebrate the evening as well. But he had offered to spend the night at Marrone's place to give us some alone time. Lin declined, as he didn't think of his birthday as something that special (Well, he turned 30 this year, it is some kind of special as far as I am concerned). They had a good time watching our team win (I can hardly say that I am a fan, I was a bit bored, but hey, whatever pleases them at least from time to time )

We went to Lin's room (my night with him) half an hour before midnight and kind of summarized the last year. As it has been his birthday last year, when I visited to make sure if everything could work out between us, the date felt kind of important to me. He said that everything went as good as it possibly could and that he was happy with everything right now (in regard to our relationship(s)). He is right, things are great and have been great between the three of us seemingly ever since.

When I got up this morning, I discovered Sward in the kitchen, preparing the favorite cake of Lin (bee sting cake). I didn't think of planning this far ahead, I am horrible at making presents in general and always forget about everything and am unbelievable uncreative. It was so sweet to see him standing there, making preparations, planning the course of the day (he wants to go to the spa gardens, walk around, go for a boat trip and such) and asked with a bright smile on his face, how the night has been.

*sigh* I love them. I can't say it any different and haven't actually said those words straight to Lin at all, but I do. (I trust you, you can keep this a secret for now. ) Looking forward to what the day may have in stall for us.
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