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Originally Posted by neo651 View Post
I do feel she and I are perfect match (more or less, I don't believe in actual "perfection"). And it is possible I could find another match just as good, but honestly, I don't see it happening.
Number of times I have said that upon rejection: several.
Number of times I was right: none.
Rewards for changing my mind about that old chestnut: infinite.

I have almost unreasonably high standards and more importantly (and I've never told her this because she'd slap me for how unhealthy it is) I have compared every single woman I've ever dated or been interested in to her.
Been there from both sides. You're right. It is unhealthy to make one person the standard by which you judge all others. Raising your standards is just fine, as long as they don't shut out perfectly good people whose only fault is Not Being Her. I've been the girl on the pedestal and friend, it was misery. I've put others on pedestals and friend? It was even more misery. If you can't shut that down by yourself, discuss it in therapy, because it is a serious interpersonal problem.
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