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I'm not too familiar with Reid, and haven't been able to make too many (read any) conferences as yet. The cozy relationship between organizers is an interesting bit though.

I have been invited by proxy though to similar cuddle parties through some of the poly folk in Calgary. To date it hasn't been timely enough for me to make a decision about whether to try attendance or not. Freetime has spoken highly of them though.

I try not to be judgmental about things like ick factor and whatnot as I figure it's one of those things that's best left to every individual's own discretion. My personal feeling is that I'm generally wound way too tight and sensitive about my own personal space, that I have significant doubts that I would actually enjoy the experience. (Pretty much the same reason that I doubt I'll be jumping into an orgy anytime soon) But that's my shit to deal with.

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I attended Reid's session at Loving More 2011 in Phila, and thought it was very good. That didn't include anything cuddle-related, but did include parts about consent and overcoming our own fears and shame about what we might want. I can see how some aspects of the cuddle-party concept are extensions of that.
This has been one thing about the cuddle parties that has me most intrigued, and why I think the experience, if it is as advertised, could be a very positive learning experience for a lot of people...not just poly's. The communications surrounding consent, asking for what you want, and particularly how to say "no" to the things you don't, as well as hearing and complying with those requests; I see no disadvantage to developing these skills no matter what lovestyle one lives.

If these events are indeed a forum for working on those skills and there's heavy interest by a segment of the community, I fail to see a problem with them being included as a part of poly-centric activities.
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