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Tonberry, what do you call that feeling of, "Oh, *fill in the blank* is so cool! It's so awesome you have that, I wish I did too!" then?

It's not negative, I bear them no ill-will for having something I don't have, I just wish I had it also. It can't be jealousy because I'm not worried about something I have being taken away from me. I've always considered that to be envy. I guess I use "envy" the same way sweet crusader seems to, with the knowledge that it COULD be a negative emotion if resentment developed from it.

To answer the original question, I rarely feel jealousy. Envy, as I define and understand it, definitely. I envy my husband first because he's employed and gets to regularly leave this house without kids in tow, and second because his employer takes him out to a nice lunch at least once a week. In the first case I need to be careful that my envy doesn't lead to resentment (although it's not as if I want him to be unemployed too, I just want a job!) but in the second case there's little danger of resentment.
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