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I think, based on what I've read, that you and your lover need to ask each other point blank "What do YOU want to gain out of a poly relationship?"

If honestly, all he desires is the sexual gratification of seeing you with another woman, then I don't think poly is really for you and him.

Though I'm very new to this, I have the understanding that poly-relationships ARE relationships. That's different from a one or two time sexual fling.

And it probably is going to be hurtful to any woman you and he approach offering a relationship if all that is really wanted is a few nights of fun.

So... make sure you know if you want a RELATIONSHIP or a FLING. Because otherwise people's emotions might get trampled on; you're and his as well as the 'unicorn's'.

All that being stated, I do wish you both luck in your journey of discovery as a couple.
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