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Default new problem :(

hi everyone,

I post a while ago and I have decided to forgive my gf and my bf (of nine years)
however me and my bf are having trouble with my gf's bf.

we both love him but he doesn't love us back :/ he says he cares for us but he treats us more like friends/fucks, we are really hurt, it seems like he doesn't want to be in this relationship, we were suppose to see each other this week but he cancelled via his gf and we want to see them tonight (for a 1on1) as it has been a long time...

we are also swingers so he still wants to see other people but me, my bf and my gf want to just see each other but he doesn't, he is really into another girl (which is fine although I feel like nothing compared to her, as she is more his type) when the girl is busy he texts me and wants to see me all the time but then he drops me again

i do feel a little jealous that my bf can say I love you to my gf but I can't get one back of my other bf

what can I do, we have tried talking but he shuts us out!
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