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It's amazing how difficult we make relating to other people, isn't it? Something that we're wired to do and which seemingly should be just like breathing--and we find myriad ways to screw it all up.

I think it just highlights how approaching relationships is best done thoughtfully and with a great deal of care. Every relationship has three parts--You, Me, and Us--and each part needs to be cared for. When you begin dealing with poly arrangements, then all of them become You, Me, Us, and Other, which requires even more care.

IF we take care when dealing with our relationships, then perhaps we can avoid some of the confusion and a lot of the pain. That's my hope, anyway, and my experience bears that out (so far).

So if I can help pass along a bit of experience to help somebody else avoid a bit of confusion and pain, then I figure I'm doing some good. Helping the world become a better place and all that.
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