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Default Do you feel jealousy?

I've always tried to explain to my best friend that I don't feel jealousy. I feel something I consider envy but it is different from jealousy.

To me:

Jealousy - wanting someone/something that someone else has and also not wanting that person to have it anymore

Envy- wanting someone/something that someone else has but not wanting them to have to give it up

I usually use the example of a car. If I see a really nice car, and I want it, I don't necessarily want the owner to not have that car, I just want one of my own. Envy not jealousy. They have something I want, I just think of how I can get that thing as well.

I really have a hard time understanding jealousy, especially jealousy over people because you can not own a person. Also I don't want to ever keep others from loving relationships. The closest thing I've felt to jealousy (as others have described it to me) is when someone I cared about was with a person that treated them badly, I felt like their partner did not deserve them and I wanted them to stop being with that person.

Most people do not believe me that I don't get jealous. Almost everyone I have told has said that I'm lying or that it is impossible.

I'm wondering if you all understand what I'm saying. Do any of you lack jealousy?
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