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I would personally make my first goal finding a strong support system - i.e. friends. With all of the stuff you have going on, physically and mentally, it is a lot to ask someone in a brand-spanking-new romantic relationship to be your primary emotional support. While you're in therapy and figuring out what you want relationship-wise and from these three men in particular, I would recommend striking out on your own and finding a few good friends. Learning how to live on your own, without depending on a person or people you're in a relationship with, is probably going to help you in the long-term.

I think you're on the right track trying to figure out what you're able to give to others in the course of your journey. There is all kinds of info about poly here, and I really recommend the reading list here. There are also threads about explaining poly to people, when the people around here feel like it's best to tell others you're non-monogamous, and all kinds of goodies.
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