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Do most people on your FB know you're poly? I would assume so since you want to add her as a partner, but just checking....

Why not get rid of the relationship status altogether and list both of them as partners in the friends/family section? This would make them completely equal on the Facebook playing field.

I kind of wish I had chosen to keep my relationship status blank (it doesn't show up on your profile if you don't choose one of the preset options), but when I was 18, it was a big deal for me to list it as engaged, and then all my family was all excited when I got to change it to married and change my last name (which happened MONTHS before I actually dealt with the legal process lol). I've listed multiple partners on fetlife before, but sometimes I kind of wish I didn't have that preferential treatment on a website I use everyday (FB). Now, though, I couldn't change that without my entire extended family noticing and wondering and since I live thousands of miles away it would come down to my parents having to deal with it, and that's just not fair. If/when everyone knows that I have relationships with other people, I probably will change it since you can choose Partner in the other section.
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