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Default Facebook "partner" option


This is kind of a silly topic but one I'm sure many of you have thought of! Any way, I've been with my bf for 5+ yrs so he has always been on my facebook profile as "in a relationship with ___." I've been w my gf for a yr & a half and she feels understandably as if she might seem less important to our friends (online)... But there's never really been much to do about it because fb is not quite so poly oriented. I was messing around on there today and noticed in the "friends and family" section one of the options to add someone as (under grandmother, aunt, cousin, etc..) is Partner. I'm wondering if it's possible to add her to that little section as partner and keep my bf where he is. I'm anxious to try it because I don't want something awkward to happen like it tell fb him and I broke up haha.

Anyone willing to be a guinea pig for curiosity's sake???

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