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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I don't think that they have ever had a history of him lying to her. Quite the opposite from their posts to this point. Genebean his a past history of being made to feel less than, unwanted, etc, by other people prior to her relationship with Polypenguin. She has said that her trust issues come from her own personal issues, not to do with his behavior. At least up until now.


I do understand Polypenguins upset at her reading his blog b/c he specifically asked her to give him a space to process what he was going through when he obviously feels like he's making a sacrifice while she's getting to explore, even a little bit of what it is to be poly while he's still waiting at the starting line. No he shouldn't have lied, but she shouldn't have read his blog either if she's agreed not to.
For some reason I had it in mind that there had been previous instances of him hiding things poly/feelings for others-related. Sorry if I was mistaken.

I totally understand being upset because she in turn broke his trust in her not reading his personal blog, but I understand where she came from is all I was saying.

I don't do lying in relationships. Everyone I get involved with knows that if they flat-out lie, any previous agreements they've made with me are null and void. Same goes if I ever lie to them - they have the right to officially disregard any promise they've made me. If I can't uphold my promises, I don't expect them to either. I know such extremes aren't popular around here, but I know for me it has cut out a lot of potential drama.
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