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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Yes, it is very upsetting that polyamory isn't more accepted within society. I am actually writing a novel right now that deals with it, called "Trinity".

It's about a young couple who go through the stress of a miscarriage, and separate for a while. While they are split up, the female in the relationship starts seeing and eventually falls in love with a girl named Trinity. Eventually the couple gets back together and includes Trinity in the relationship as an equal, and eventually, Trinity and the male become lovers as well.

The people in Trinity's life aren't accepting of the life style, least of all her father and it upsets her, and after months of abuse from her peers for the choice, she ends up committing suicide.

I'm hoping it will draw attention to those of us who are polyamorous and help people better see the abuse that many of us have taken from friends and family, even complete strangers just because of the fact that we are polyamorous.

I'm not saying we all receive the same abuse by any means, but there will always be those of us who have people in our lives who do not accept it.
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