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So the other night was out with friends, Loki and T. This guy J was there who I'd met once before and kinda liked, we connected. Loki is an old friend of mine, she's really cool and chilled. Sugar used to have wee crush on her, but when he mentioned it to her she said she wasn't sure what T would think about that (she and T are dating, and not sure where they're at re: monogamy).

That said, Loki and I made out this one time (I actually took ages to tell S about this because I didn't want him to feel like... peeved/jealous?) but afterwards she said she'd have to talk to T more about it. Seems they've talked a bit because when we were out this time she said that sometime when we weren't out drinking maybe we could get together in a body tumble sorta thing. The three of us hung out at the back of the bar for a bit and cuddled and kissed, mm. I told T I didn't want to make complications in their relationship and he said: nah, this is very good and enabling. I love them both, they are lovely people... so yeah. Happy that we might be able to moosh bodies sometime, if the moment feels right.

Anyway, back to J. I didn't mean this to happen but ended up going home with him and staying the nght. I don't usually have really vanilla sex for long but that's more or less what happened all night & morning. Was surprisingly good. Not too much conversation, but we were on the same vibe. He's a nice guy, haven't talked to him since but yeah. Cosy, loving, fun encounter. At one point he said "you know I'm not really looking for a relationship" and I said "haha, I definitely am not".

When I told S about it, he said "oh yeah, J, the guy who looks like Carob. And Gilby" Awww man, he was right. Damn.

Carob was a bit :/ to hear about it. The distance and missing and mm, yeah. Gotta make plans to see each other again soon.

Made me feel like I really want to focus on the relationships I have, feed them well. I guess we all have this capacity for making new connections... I am quite an open person and I like showing love and care to other people. But I'm feeling a bit homesick for the familiar folk, my family and friends. Maybe being away from my hometown. It's not that I think they're necessarily better than other people, it's more like... we've got deep roots and an easier ability to nourish each other.

Took this mood with me to a dinner yesterday with this chick I met on the tram. She's new to the city too, pretty friendly, uke-toting. We hung out and played a bit of music together then we went to her friends' place. It was a fun party, apart from... ah. So turns out this girl wanted to have sex with me, and her friends were up for some kind of group sex. I dunno, they were perfectly nice people and we had fun talking. I may have been more attracted to her friends, but I guess I was also feeling a bit... just wanting cuddles from Carob, Sugar, other friends. Was odd, cos I don't usually feel this strong preference for people I know vs strangers when it comes to hanging out but yeah... I guess I'm feeling a bit branch-heavy; must tend to the roots.

Seemed a bit rude sloping off after being shown much hospitality but it felt really nice to get home and crawl into bed with S. Are my adventuring days over? Ha, unlikely. But yeah, it's good to like what you have and have what you like.
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