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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Hey YouAreHere,

How does one do that on Facebook? I've futzed about with my settings and have yet to figure out how to set that up.
At the top right, click the triangle next to "Home" and select "Privacy Settings". Then, under "Timeline and Tagging", select "Edit Settings".

In there, you have a few options.
  • "Review posts Friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline" (I have this set to ON - it queues up items for you to review and won't let them through until you approve them)
  • "Who can see you in posts you've been tagged in" (I have this set to a custom list, but you can set it to friends, or be more or less restrictive)
  • "Review tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook" (I have this set to ON as well)
  • "Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded" (I have this set to "No one")

If he does the first and third bullets, then at least he can review any tags of him before they go out "into the wild". Tags within comments are a different animal, though, and I don't believe you can turn those off separately. Hope this helps!
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