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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Simple. Because Reid Mihalko, the founder of the organized Cuddle Party biz, is poly and shows up at these conventions to give lectures or whatever. I'm sure if he lets them include a Cuddle Party for no extra fee at the poly cons, it will bring him more attention and potential customers. He also touts himself as a sex educator/expert, even though his degree is in art, and sells DVDs about how to have poly relationships and holds retreats and seminars on relationships (see: So, he closely aligns himself with the organizers of poly conferences, and especially the sex-positive activist types... so - Voila! Cuddle Parties at every big poly event! Ugh.
My, what a . . . um . . . cozy relationship!

But I do believe many poly peeps are really into what he offers.

Hm. I wonder, then, why so many on this forum were so quick to express such a strong distaste for such parties?

Some sort of self-selection is going on here, I guess.

Still, I'm with you on this: Ugh.

Too bad it gives cuddling in general a bad name!
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