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So odd. Despite how my life has been since my split with my husband, loving miss pixi, and yet dating others a lot, ever since Ginger came into my life I've had next to no feelings for any other guy. I abruptly stopped going to OKC as soon as it became apparent Ginger liked me a lot and we fell into a lovely habit of a once a week sleepover date.

Even after my breakup with The Gentleman, I realized I don't have time or interest in seeing others. I feel so fulfilled with the different yet similar things miss pixi and Ginger bring to my life, and what I bring to theirs. Deep enduring love and attraction for miss p, growing love and understanding and that certain "manly" support from big tall calm Ginger.

But, a couple weeks ago, I got a message in my email that someone on OKC had rated me 4 or 5 stars. I'd had no messages from anyone on OKC in months, since I was never over there, so I went to see who'd rated me.

When I came on, he started chatting me. Some late 20something, seemed ok, said he wanted to cook for me, date me, but I still got the feeling he was only saying that to get into my pants.

While he and I were chatting, 2 more guys popped up wanting to chat, wanting to have sex, yada yada. It was easy to determine they just wanted a summer fling with an experienced older woman.

After I finally rid myself of all of them and signed off, I got 3 PMs from 3 further different men! Jeez. And since then, I've gotten on average, a PM from one more guy each day...

Anyway, one of these men that PMed me seemed pretty cool. His profile was charming, witty, alternative, insightful, endearing. 94% match. He is married, 29, and he and his wife were just moving from Texas to my city and he wanted to meet and make friends with locals. I wrote back saying it would be fine to meet sometime. It seemed from his Q&As that he had tried being poly, but maybe it didn't work out so well and he was just reaching out for friends.

So, a couple weeks later, his move complete, he messaged me asking me out. I suggested a couple local brew pubs and restaurants, but he asked if we could go to this certain dowtown pub (I looked up its website and it has live entertainment, pool, bowling, darts... etc). I said on Wednesday, sure, let's meet there, what time are you thinking? (this date was supposed to be tonight, Friday.)

Well, almost 24 hours went by and he didnt respond with a time he wanted to meet. I'd suggested "happy hour," meaning 4 or 5:00.

So yesterday around 4, I messaged him with the truth. I'd just realized it was Pride weekend in Boston, and I wanted to get to Boston in time to make the parade early on Saturday, so why didnt he take his nice wife to the nice pub and he and I could meet some other time?

Finally around 9 last night (Thurs) he messaged me apologizing profusely, saying "we" (he and his wife I am assuming) had spent the day in Salem, loving its beauty as compared to Texas, and was very sorry he hadn't gotten back to me with a time to meet.

But sigh... I still feel so fulfilled with Ginger and miss p, do I even want to make the effort to fit him in, in between time spent with them, time at my job, my housework, my hobbies and volunteer work? I got so tired of first dates back in my OKC dating days. Boy, is it nice to not have to tell someone new my life story every couple of weeks!
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