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Oh look it's a How Are You Doing thread! I don't have a blog so I don't have some place to write how I'm doing, this seems a good enough place!

My husband had an out of state job interview that he has somewhat of an "in" for...six weeks ago now. Been waiting for one last phone interview with a very busy person. He was told he'd have an answer tomorrow but without that last important (and seemingly required) interview not happening yet, we've decided to keep from having early-onset heart attacks by assuming we're staying here.

Telling my boyfriend weeks ago there was the possibility of us moving away was stressful and sad, and I think changed our dynamic a bit. I think it will change in different ways again when we have 100% surety of what's happening either way.

So I'm doing "more and more stressed" Only talk to my bf about it to give updates, I don't know how he's thinking or feeling. Stress about if there is a new job, hours spent researching short sales, rentals, moving and having discussions about some hypothetical future. Too much time thinking about LDR's and if my bf and I should sensibly break up if we move., I always swore I'd never be in one but what a stupid thing to say, apparently when you love somebody you make impractical decisions sometimes ! Then again I expected to live here for the next 20 years, this area is my <3.

Yep that's how I'm doing, stressed and worried, hopeful for my husband to get what he wants (it'd be a really beneficial job change and promotion), reluctant to deal with unforeseen and unwanted change - relieved if we stay and a wee bit excited if we go. It's warm there, and it's so so rainy here.

Phew, I feel better for getting that out, right now the people I'd talk about that with who aren't a romantic partner are out of the country, avoiding me (le sister) or having a DADT with me about my poly relationships.
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