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ok, this is definitely one I would like some responses to.

so here's the deal, I take ballet lessons, and most of the girls there are your stereotypical ballerenias (probably spelled wrong). This makes the girlfriend jeallous. She's afraid i'm going to run off with one of them because she thinks they're prettier, etc. I have ssured her that is never going to happen.

the lovely wemon is NOT the reason I take ballet (although tights and tutus are god's gift to man in my eyes, hehe!). I take ballet because I enjoy it, most of the wemon there are either too young or too old for me anyways.

That being said, I sort of found myself in a tough place today, as I realized there is a little chemistry between another woman and I. She knows I am in a reltionship, and both the girlfriend and I have known her for a couple years (well before ballet). I think she could/is ok me having another girl in my life, as it doesn't seem to bother her.

i'm not 100% about her side of the chemistry, but it seems as though there is something here's where the comments/heckleing comes into play

1. Should I just come out and ask her? Or should I wait a little longer to see what happens? After all, it's only been a couple weeks.

2. Should I tell the girlfriend, making her even more jealous when I go to ballet? Or wait on that too?

3. I suppose the last option would be asking the ballerina girl first, then telling the girlfriend. Or visa versa.

please let me know what you think. Am I over thinking this? Or jumping the gun? Or is there something I haven't thought of yet?
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