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Default Thank you all for your responces !!

I should clear up a few things. I didn't expect such a response. These are my issues:

We live in a VERY small town. - Everyone knows everyone's business, It is well known that him and I are together. We are not out to family just a handful of friends.

We are both business owners and have clients that may not understand our lifestyle. (I do have such things in place, like certain list for certain people)

This particular second partner was a former monogamous girlfriend, they parted ways more than 10 years ago before this lifestyle started and she is having a hard time excepting the lifestyle.

I could careless about her post but she is tagging him in every thing she writes.

However most of this may be for nothing, due to the fact I have noticed some items have been deleted. I spoke to him as we do everyday and he did recognize that these things were done. He told me he is trying to educate her and discuss the rules him and I have agreed upon.

Once again thanks for all your response, I need to look at this with a few more eyes.
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