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Originally Posted by badger24 View Post
I have gone from being with her most of the time to about half now. I also feel like the balance of the relationship is very (can I say) unfair. I am her emotional support and her partner (also a good friend to me) I'm sorry to say gets all the fun. I guess that's because she is starting out on this new path and It does feel like that at first.
This is where you need to be proactive and ask for what you need. You cannot be the one who is always the rock, or the stay at home partner taking care of all the mundane things, while all the fun and romance goes elsewhere. Poly people talk alot about setting boundaries but the mono partners of poly people have every right to set boundaries, too.

I am a solo (single) person and last year I was dating a married poly guy. He and his wife have an agreement that they give each other the same amount of time for hot sexy dates that they have with other people, so that their time spent together wasn't always about the house repairs, paying bills, etc.

Sounds like you need to step up and establish time for yourself that will always be respected so you don't feel like it is always (or too often) being co-opted by her time with the other person. Do it now before things get out of control. Scheduling and time management is a big deal in poly. And then use that time to romance her, and do fun things.
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