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Default Thanks !

Hi LotusesandRoses, JaneQSmythe and Xared thank you for your response, they must have taken ages.

I think the thing I'm struggling with is the change. I have been with my partner for 6 years now and things have been more or less the same (not suggesting that's a good thing). I have gone from being with her most of the time to about half now. I also feel like the balance of the relationship is very (can I say) unfair. I am her emotional support and her partner (also a good friend to me) I'm sorry to say gets all the fun. I guess that's because she is starting out on this new path and It does feel like that at first.

I think I need to pick myself up and stop worrying so much. Since this all began I have let my partner take the lead. I think I have let her do this so much that I have lost all sense of control (tumbling Alice feeling). I will have to get a firm idea of what I want (that can be flexible in the future).

Thanks again, you are all such lovely people.
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