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Default Triad Breakup

I was in a triad that didn't work... The breakup was messy, emotional, and in the end my partners decided to stay together without me. Now I find myself having a really hard time coping with the breakup. I am still friends (after a lot of work) with one of my partners so I want to be cool about the whole situation. She means a lot to me and I want to be supportive, but seeing them together is like someone poured a bucket of ice water down my back. I am trying not to feel jealous, because I don't believe it is a healthy emotion, but it is difficult. But what is most difficult is deling with this idea I got stuck in my head that I obviously wasn't an integral part of the relationship if it continued without me. This idea is consuming my thoughts and making me feel so inadequate and rejected. This was my first triad relationship and I could really use some wise words from someone who has experienced something similar.
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