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Originally Posted by herxonlyxhope View Post
Hey, thanks for the support and the interesting conversation. What I really mean is something like polyamory, well it really is polyamory, but more specific. More like 3 people who want to be in a monogomous relationship with each other. Kinda off there but I'm sure you get the point, lol.
Yes, we know what you mean I would say that the majority of people who come here looking for a relationship describe exactly that. (It's called a closed triad by the way, when there are 3 partners who are all involved with each other and don't see anyone else.)
Mind you, of the people who actually ARE in relationships, this is a minority. Bisexual females interested in that kind of relationship are most of the time paired with a man, and more rarely alone, which is why the alone bisexual female who wants a relationship with a man and a woman at a same time (but is ready to accept that she's "the new one" in the relationship while the other two have more experience together) is usually called a Unicorn (because they're very rare. Although unlike unicorns, they do exist).

Hopefully your group will help people find one another, as it seems like a difficult relationship dynamics to achieve (from personal second hand experience of people trying to achieve the relationships vs people who manage to find one).
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