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Originally Posted by herxonlyxhope View Post
Hey, thanks for the support and the interesting conversation. What I really mean is something like polyamory, well it really is polyamory, but more specific. More like 3 people who want to be in a monogomous relationship with each other. Kinda off there but I'm sure you get the point, lol.
I didn't join the group 1. because not all of my friends/family on FB know about my lifestyle preferences and 2. my husband and I have no desire for a closed triad. A triad where none of us are actively looking, sure, but neither of us have ever had the notion that we should expect people to stop being open to new people/experiences just because they are with me, him, or us.

So, I am an open-minded bi woman who is excluded from this group. lol And I'm okay with that.

Best of luck to you! I really hope this resource helps its members find what they are looking for, whether it be love or support or both.
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