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It's obviously ridiculous to regard consensual monogamy as slavery...I mean there's no way you can even reply to the original poster's friend's comment, it's just so silly.

However, I do think that a society that expects monogamy--that demands monogamy as proof of love, that judges a person's general success & well-being on whether they are in a monogamous relationship--is an oppressive society.

Despite living in liberal subcultures in the U.S. in 2012, I do live in that society.

Okay, that sounds melodramatic when you consider societies/governments that are actually oppressing their citizens.

Anyway, my complaint is more about the societal expectation that everyone should be in a Relationship, not so much about monogamy.

However, on another level I'm quite serious. I'm frustrated about how much I have to repress about myself to fit my society's expectations.

And I'm frustrated that the poly community's response is usually just, "Oh well, some people are mono and some people are poly."

But my issue isn't really with the poly community (which I actually think is awesome). I'm not really complaining.

Mostly I'm still frustrated about the friends I lost because I didn't know how to explain that yes, I really liked my boyfriend AND I still wanted to see other people. And yes, it felt perfectly natural to me, so no, I had to idea that my boyfriend resented me.
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