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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Tomorrow they are having a coffee date in the evening. I was asked if this is okay. How can one answer that? No = I am a controlling bitch who gets to say what happens when, yes = I don't care about you, do what you want. I feel like I am the bad guy in all this right now.
It's fine to say: "I'm NOT okay with this, but I know that's unreasonable, so go have a nice chat. However, I might need some extra time together (or something else) when you get home."

I truly sympathize with you on this. I've been through watching my husband develop a close relationship with another lady and because there was no sex involved, he couldn't see how I viewed this as a threat. I would say that there does need to be some boundaries (circumstance appropriate of course) put in place and treat this lady as if she was a g/f.
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