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fuchka for me and Alec I guess it doesn't become too focused on sex even with the regular chats, because both of us are a bit of the type to fall into everything that's going on in life that we sort of forget to think about sex. Sometimes there's then the urge to have sex, as a reminder, but the urge to talk about it doesn't happen that way unless there's something specific, and that's why the talking-date is working, I think.


Aw, apparently I rock! <3

I am so totally looking forward to us meeting also. Two months is just too damn long. These past few weeks in particular (with all other life getting in the way of skyping, too) it's been a pretty much continuous ache, which I don't appreciate at all and don't really usually experience. It's just a feeling of not being able to connect properly, but also feeling the disconnect more stronly because of it having been so long since we last met. Well, it's day after tomorrow, finally!!

It's actually been quite a long time since I've had the live-in-hinge duty. Well, it's also been a time since I've had the benefits, so can't complain.
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