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Thank you for everybody that has responded. For the record I am in counseling and he has actually joined me on occassion. My counselor is very open and has not flinched in regards to anything I have had to discuss.

Also I don't have what most people would consider "friends". It is not because of my boyfriend it is due to personal issues, being an introvert, but I do have some people I talk to. Limited though on certain subjects.

Since my diagnosis he has become more supportive in the aspect of my overall emotional well being. He has put a hold on the BDSM dynamic and requested me focus on that. The only time we have issues on the emotional aspect is when the poly subject or his girlfriend come up.

As far as the leaving aspect. Not an option not only because we love each other very much, but financially. He is disabled so his funds are limited and I do not have the greatest job that would be able to support me on my own. We are great friends and love hanging out and doing things together, but the vanilla aspect of the relationship may have come to an end. We have different beliefs, likes, dislikes, sex drives, from when we got together. We are taking a break temporarily on the relationship to take the stress out of the equation and will revisit the idea at a later date.

Thank you again for he responses and wish you all the best in your life.
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