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Originally Posted by tiggercouple View Post
I did not know this, as we are new to this lifestyle. Thanks for the input.
One of the things i love about this place is how we all seem to be able to learn, and there is always more to learn

Originally Posted by tiggercouple View Post
We see the traveling as being a you make the trip this time I will next time, or meet in the middle.
OK, so back to the original question - I'm not sure where in KY you are located, but would you be willing to travel anywhere in the state?

Originally Posted by tiggercouple View Post
By all means ask away, we like to think of ourselves as an open book. And if it helps us, it is more to our benefit.
Thanks for the positive attitude about this - some people can get very hostile...

What about yourselves - what are you into? Hunting? Fishing? Foreign Travel? Country Music? Farming? Movies? Classical Music? Estruscan pottery? I'm sure you get the idea
Please check out The Birdcage - an open, friendly Polyamory forum for all parts of New York State

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