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Just an FYI, but it is quite possible in the poly world to have a so-called "N" or "W" relationship, where your other partner would date both you and others. This is not about swinging at all, but about them having multiple loving relationships outside of yours, rather than just being about sex. I was just trying to find out whether that was something that you would consider, but based on your answer, and the one following, it's a "no". [/QOUTE]

I did not know this, as we are new to this lifestyle. Thanks for the input.

So if the person were hetero and had no interest in a romantic relationship with your wife, just a sisterly one, that would be fine with you both? (Some couples insiste on the relationship being romantic and sexual between all partners, which is why I ask.)
It'd be nice if it was like that (all partners involved with one another on all levels) but it is not a make or break issue.

That's fair enough and is a valid goal to have, but during the "courting process" - the initial meet-ups, the dating and the other getting-to-know you thing, how far away would be the maximum distance that you would be willing to travel to meet someone? Or are you expecting them to come to you always?
We see the traveling as being a you make the trip this time I will next time, or meet in the middle.

I hear many folks saying that the people who reply to their ads are non-starters for them and are wasting their time - I think that providing more information in your ads you will greatly help the chances of not wasting your time, which is why i am asking the questions that I am. Hope you don't mind.
By all means ask away, we like to think of ourselves as an open book. And if it helps us, it is more to our benefit.
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