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Default Bipolar much?

Yesterday evening I swung out of my slump. All of a sudden I was happy, smiley, and a bit manic.

This morning things are good. There are kittens running around under my chair playing, the moma cat is purring and cooing at her babies, my dog is in the house instead of under the house, the sky is blue, the weather nice enough to have the house open, and the first thing i did this morning was check for messages from Lovely with excited expectation.

There was one : ) Yay!

Bear asks me yesterday when I'm going to ask her to move in. That startled me. I thought he was saying that he wants that. My response was that in several months to a year if I feel that's the way the relationship is going then we'll discuss it but that I have no intentions of that at the present moment. He allayed my fears of his impending insanity by saying, "Good. I was just checking that we're on the same page."

Holy Mother of God! Don't DO that to me!!!! I nearly had a coronary!

Maybe I'll point an empty gun at him and pull the trigger. When he freaks I'll just say, "Oh, I was just checking to make sure it's empty." >< (jk, folks, I wouldn't ACTUALLY do that, just an illustration!)

We told our eldest child over dinner yesterday that we're dating Lovely. He's nearly 21. His response was, "Whatever you guys want to do, it's your relationship." Yay! I done good! I raised him to be open-minded.

I also told Lovely that I had forgotten to tell her that I sometimes cycle a bit emotionally. She was wonderfully understanding.

Well. Those are my random thoughts for this morning. I should do things like get dressed now... LOL
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