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I suppose we where being a little to vague. So here goes

What age range would you consider?

18-42 Though preferably 24-32

Can the person have children?

We love children so that would not be a problem.

Must the person be single?

Not trying to sound smart or anything, but yes single would be best as we are looking for someone to be a sister wife and not a swinging partner.

Would it be ok if, later on, they were to also date another person?

No, we like our relationship to be just us.

What sexual orientations would you consider? (Heterosexual, bisexual, etc)

This doesn't matter as my wife is bicuriouse

Do you have any preferences on things like smoking, drinking, recreational, drugs?

Smoking fine though it is bad for you. Drinking as long as its only occasional is fine, as far as recreational drugs go we'd rather they didn't 420 doesn't bother us to much as long as its kept away from the children.

It is ok if she has pets, like dogs and cats?

Pets are fine.

How far from you should the person live?

If there is a connection and we all agree that that is what we all want then I would like to see them relocate to were we live.
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