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Originally Posted by papolycouple View Post
I have been in this poly relationship for over a year and a half. We are currently living together and love each other fondly. My issue is when my man is with a particular secondary relationship she feels the need to update her facebook with many different post about him, pictures, etc. Please keep in mind I feel that my compersion is always in the right direction. If she makes him happy I am so happy for him. I spoke to him about it and I did notice a slight change for a while. Long and behold I log in last night and she is doing the same as before. I am now feeling this is being done on purpose for my benefit. I have taken the high road and not rebut or make a fuss. But I feel disrespected by these actions? Please help?
hey hun, I do think as you have joined a relationship like this you may need to do two things try and find a way to be happy, she posts such about her relationship with ''your man'', do you post about things about you and your bf and what you do, how does she feel about that?

the simple thing to do is explain to her how you feel and delete from fb or hide the posts and try not to let it bother you or call it off xx
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