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Tonight Mono talked to PN about what has been going on for him. I noted that in hearing the story from both of them that the underlying theme at the moment is that everything has changed. I don't know if it has. I guess time will tell.

I know that one thing for sure is that I feel better that Mono talked to PN and I comforted PN and spent time with him in what he calls "loving presence." This has taken its toll on all of us and I intend to work harder to "normalise" things so that my family can enjoy more happy times; like Mono and PN did tonight in the back yard playing hacky sack for an hour while I putzed around in the garden and LB did his own thing.

I wonder if this time next week I will be trusting more... I hope so. I don't know how people just decide these things. I have been trying to find that place in my head so that I can feel it, think on it and then practice it like crazy. I haven't found my "letting it all go" button. I hope its not broken.
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