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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
LR- you are a dear. Thanks for letting me text your face off and thanks for all your knowledge, I will heed what you say and just feel the emotions before making decisions.

am thinking now of just who it is who is struggling most in all this. ???
Sweetie-you are ALWAYS welcome to text or email my head off. As much time and support as you have put in on my behalf, it's a pleasure and privilege to be able to return a small amount to you!

In regards to that last sentence, in my humble opinion, it's ALWAYS the kids who struggling most in all of this. I know your little guy loves all three of you OH SO MUCH and I am sure, even without being privvy to all that is going on, due to just how amazingly bright and observant he is, that he's sensing the tension and high emotions right now.

So, I would advise taking a little time for each of you (mom, dad, Mono) to make a "date" one on one with him and the 4 of you as a family, in the next week or two. Nothing serious to discuss, just BE together so he can also sense that regardless of what's going on in the grown up world of emotions, his little world is still secure.

I say this with all due respect, it wouldn't occur to me that you all WOULDN'T consider him. I just keep thinking of him. In fact, I've been thinking of him ever since dinner! He's so amazing! I hope we have more dinners so I can hear more of his theories on life! What a kid! He OBVIOUSLY has an AMAZING family, cause he's just an amazing kid!
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