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Pink, it may not make sense to you but that is how she feels. Things that we understand intellectually don't always coincide with the emotional side of things. Some of us get caught off guard seeing things like that.

PA: I don't think it was meant to be disrespectful; usually when people are in the throes of good feeling they like to share it with others.

That being said, I understand your insecurity perfectly. My suggestion would probably be to unfriend her. Not out of malice but as a way of allowing your compersion to take centre stage. You should mention it to her beforehand of course, just so everything and everyone is clear. Being privy to everything she puts up for everyone to see may not be the best thing for you at the present time.

I myself felt something similar when I went on a social networking site once and saw my SO and my metamour at the time exchanging I love yous, and it pretty much made my head spin. I suffered some anxiety, and emotionally I wasn't prepared to process it or anything, much less feel compersion. I just tried to explain how I was feeling and asked if they could keep those intimacies between them, and not on the site. They agreed to, and she and I were able to talk pretty freely afterwards. That was my way of still acknowledging their relationship, as well as giving myself time to work on the inside.

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