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Originally Posted by papolycouple View Post
I am now feeling this is being done on purpose for my benefit. I have taken the high road and not rebut or make a fuss. But I feel disrespected by these actions? Please help?

The bigger question to me is WHY you feel that this is being done with malicious intent, why feel disrespected? It seems as if this is a symptom of a larger issue of jealousy, envy or insecurity.

Are you guys friends or at least friendly toward each other? I'm guessing not. Are you friends with her on FB or do you access via your man's account?

If you had said that it was a privacy issue, for fear that family and friends that are not aware of your lifestyle may see something or find out, then I would support you and this would be a different answer. But it's not.

I'm a 'secondary' and I post things on my FB all the time about him and I. Pictures, updates, events, etc. He "likes" and comments on much of what I post. And "likes" alot of the innocent comments I make on his. I post nothing different than what I would for other friends and family. Many of my FB Friends know him. So why hide everything we do? It makes us happy. What's the harm in that? My posts have ZERO to do with his SO and it's never come up as an issue.

By 'forbidding' her to acknowledge the importance of him in her life on her FB, you're denying her her right to sharing happiness with your guy. Why do that? Why make her feel like she should be keeping it all a secret?

I don't think that Social Networking is your issue. Maybe you should figure out your true issues with him / her first.
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